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Language Lab: Animal Proverbs

1. Match the parts of the proverbs.                               

1. Hawks will not pick                                                          a) fly.

2. He who would catch fish                                                   b) its spots.

3. Honey is not                                                                       c) will mar a whole flock.

4. Go to bed with a lamb                                                        d) after the horse is stolen.

5. Fine feathers                                                                        e) hawks’ eyes.

6. Nightingales will not                                                           f) can’t we all?

7. One scabby sheep                                                                g) hide sharp claws.

8. The camel going to seek horns                                            h) take care of your geese.

9. The leopard cannot change                                                  i) to keep the sheep.

10. To lock the stable-door                                                      j) must not mind getting wet.

11. To set the wolf                                                                   k) for the ass’s mouth.

12. Velvet paws                                                                        l) the bee strings.

13. When pigs                                                                          m) and rise with the lark.

14. When the fox preachers,                                                    n) lost his   ears.

15. Zebras have black and white in them and get along          o) sing in a cage.

16. Honey is sweet, but                                                             p) make fine birds.

Answers: 1e, 2j, 3k, 4m, 5p, 6o, 7c, 8n, 9b, 10d, 11i, 12g, 13a, 14h, 15f, 16l.

2.  What are the English equivalents for:

1. Горбатого могила исправит.

2. После драки кулаками не машут.

3. Ложись спать с курами, вставай с петухами.

4. Ворон ворону глаз не выклюет.

5. Птичке ветка дороже золотой клетки.

6. Одна паршивая овца все стадо портит.

7.Разбираться в чем-то, как свинья в апельсинах.

8.Жизнь состоит из черных и белых полос.

9. Лисий хвост, волчий рот.

10. Когда рак на горе свиснет.

11. Пустить козла в огород.

12. Одежда красит человека.

13.Хочется, да колется.

14. Лить крокодильи слезы.

15. За чужим погонишься, свое потеряешь.

16. Без труда, не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда.

Answers: 1-4, 2-10, 3-4, 4-1, 5-6, 6-7, 7-3, 8-15, 9-12, 10-13, 11-11, 12-5, 13-16, 14-14, 15-8, 16-2.

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