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Holidays Quiz (for the 3-d form)

Try this quiz and make sure you know English and American holidays well.

1. The 14th of February is …

a)  Thanksgiving Day           b) St.Valentine’s Day              c) Christmas

2…. Is on the 25th of December.

a) Thanksgiving day             b) St.Valentine’s Day               c)Christmas

3. The First Foot must come …

a) on the 31 of December      b) on the 25th of December      c) on the 1 of January

4. Mother’s Day is in …. .

a) March                                 b) April                                   c) May

5. Shamrock is the national emblem of … .

a) England                                b) Scotland                            c) Wales

5. Children eat chocolate eggs or rabbits on … .

a) Christmas Sunday                  b) Easter Sunday                 c) Mother’s Day

6. Children play jokes and tricks on other people on … .

a) April’s Fool Day                   b) St. Patrick’s  Day            c) Easter Sunday

7. April’s Fool Day is a … holiday.

a) national                                  b) religious                           c) funny

8. Christmas pudding is traditional … food.

a) American                               b) English                             c) Russian

9. People go “first footing” in … .

a) America                                 b) Scotland                           c) England

10. There is a Christmas tree in … on Christmas Eve in London.

a)  Trafalgar Square                  b) Hyde Park                         c)London Zoo   

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