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Grammar Time: Are You a Good Expert? (for 7th form)


Each sentence has got a mistake. Find the block with it.

                  A           B                           C                     D

1.He/ is writing /a composition now, /is he?

      A              B           C                D    

2.Where /does /Ann go /last summer?

               A                   B              C                 D

3.Small children/ always/ depend/ their parents.

               A                         B                          C                 D

4.My mother/ wouldn’t let us to /stay out late /at night.

            A                    B                   C                                   D

5.While Ted /was cleaning /his teeth, Ann /was pack her things.

           A                     B                   C                                   D

6.They’ve/ been waiting/ outside for him /since twenty minutes.

            A                      B                   C                                  D

7.By the time/ they got to /the theatre /the performance began.

                  A                    B                           C              D

8.If/ it won’t stop raining/, we will get/ wet.

         A                      B                             C              D

9.I would /gave him the book/ if he asked /me to.

                         A                B            C                D

10.Bess and my uncle /are/ very much/ with love.


1.D (isn’t he)                                                          2.B (did)

3.C (depend on)                                                     4.B (wouldn’t let us)

5.D (was packing)                                                   6 .D (for twenty minutes)

7.D (had begun)                                                       8.B (does not stop)

9.B (give)                                                                   10.D (in love)

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