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Grammar Lab: the Present Perfect Tense (for the 4th form)

  1. Fill in already, yet, just, ever, never.

  I haven’t read the book.

  Have you been to Paris?

  Our friends have planted the flowers.

  Who has counted the books?

  Have you learnt the poem by heart?

  1. Fill in since or for.

   I have known him … 2003.

   We have been here … yesterday.

   Pete hasn’t seen his sister … 5 years.

   They have lived there … since last year.

   Polly has collected stamps … 5 months.

  1. Choose the right form of the verb.

   We … these books for 15 years.

   a) had            b) have had

   The pupils … their lunch two hours ago.

    a) finished    b) have finished

    Our family … in this city last month.

    a) has arrived    b)arrived

    The hunter … already  a lot of dangerous animals.

    a) have hunted   b)has hunted   c) hunted

  1. Put the verbs in the right form.

The students already (to look)  through the magazines.

The tailor (to live) in San Francisco in the 19 century.

He (to be) in Paris since yesterday.

… you (to buy) new jeans in spring?

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