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Grammar Lab: the Passive Voice (for the 8th form)

    Fill in the gaps with the correct passive tense of the verbs in brackets.

1 .A: These flowers are great.

          B: They  (to send) to me yesterday by one of my fans.

2. A: Have you ever appeared on TV?

          B: Actually, I recently (to ask) to take part in the show.

      3. A: When will  I have my car?

          B:  It (to deliver) to your house the day after tomorrow.

      4. A: So, when did they tell you about the robbery?

          B: I (to inform) by the police as soon as they found out.

      5. A: Why can’t we go over the bridge?

          B: Because it (to repair) at the moment.

      6. A: I’m tired.

          B: So am I. But these reports (to type) before we leave.

      7. A: Who looks after your baby when you’re at work?

          B: Well, he (to look) by my mother.

      8. A: Those pictures are beautiful.

          B: They (to paint) by my father while I was on holiday last summer.

      9. A: Who does the washing up in your house?

          B:  The dishes (to wash) by my brother and they (to dry) by my sister.

    10. A: Why can’t I use your car?

          B: Because it (to serve) at the moment. You can take Mum’s car  if you want.

    11. A: Did you post the letter?

          B: No, they already (to post) by the time I came in.

    12. A: What will happen to the criminals?

          B: They (to punish) for their crimes.

    13. A: That’s a very pretty tablecloths.

          B: It (to give) to me last year for my birthday.

    14. A: Have you moved house yet?

          B: Yes. The last boxes just (to move).

    15. A: Have you heard about Jack?

          B: Yes, he (to promote) to senior manager.

Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

  1. The pop star sang the song.
  2. The chef hasn’t made dinner.
  3. An explorer has found a dinosaur egg.
  4. Mrs Gates will look after the baby.
  5. Someone left the front door open.
  6. Jenny didn’t break the window.
  7. Someone is using the computer.
  8. His brother taught him to driver.

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