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Grammar Time: the Final Test for the 7th form


Put the verbs in the correct tenses.

1. Rob (play) football best of all in the team.

2. Where you (go)? May I go with you?

3. What you (do) at about 9 o’clock tonight? – I don’t know yet.

4. I can hear Mary ( sing)  next door.

5. Nancy (travel) a lot. She (be) to many countries. Last year she (visit) Japan.

6. She (tell ) me she (work) in the USA before.

7. Ann (work) non-stop all day long.

8. This huge castle (build) some centuries ago.

9. This food easily (cook).

10. Should this door (pull) or (push) to open it?

11. If it (be) summer now!

12. If I (can) explain everything to him!

13. If I (buy) a ticket to London, I (see) its sights.

14. I (wish) it (be) summer now.

Put in the missing articles a or the where necessary.

1. How long can …human stay without …water?

2. Dad is at …work till 9 p.m.

3. What … shame! We have missed …train. … next one leaves only tomorrow.

4. … day was nasty. …sky was dark, there was no …sun, … ocean was stormy - … world seemed to be … most terrible place to live.

5. I am planning to enter …college after I leave … school.

6. I dreamed to visit …UK to see London.

7.  … Black Sea is … warmest sea in … Russia.

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