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Grammar Lab: English Participles (for 6th form)


                Participle 1 or participle 2?

Express in English.

1.написанное предложение

2. приготовленные овощи

3.бегущий мальчик

4.волнующий фильм

5.полученное письмо

6.взволнованная женщина

7.проезжающая машина

8.разбитая чашка

9.играющие дети


   Make the right choice.

1. Can you name the cities shown/showing on the map?

2. Most people living/lived in Scotland are called the Scots.

3. I like to look at the flowers growing/grown by my granny.

4. The woman talked/talking to him is his wife.

5. The pictures taking/taken in London are wonderful.

6. We can see ruining/ruined castles there.

7. The big plastic bag was full of fallen/falling leaves.

8. The holidaymakers swimming /swum in the sea were laughing loudly.

9. We watched the plane flown/flying in sky.

10. The house building/build in the center of the town looked immense.

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