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Три поросенка. Сказка на английском языке







 Big Grey Wolf

Scene  I

Naff-Naff: Hello, girls and boys! My name is Naff-Naff. I am a nice little pig. I can sing.

Nuff-Nuff: Good morning! I am Nuff-Nuff. I am a kind little pig. I can dance.

Niff-Niff: Nice to meet you! I am Niff-Niff! I am a clever little pig. I can read.

Three Pigs (together): We are three happy little pigs. (Берутся за руки, танцуют и поют.) Big Grey Wolf won't scare us, scare us, scare us.

Naff-Naff: Oh, brothers, it will be winter soon. I am afraid, we must stop dancing. We should go and make a house. Let's go!

Niff-Niff: Oh! No!

Nuff-Nuff: We needn't go. We can sing and dance some more. (Нэф-Нэф уходит, два поросёнка танцуют и поют.)

Big Grey Wolf won't scare us, scare us, scare us.

Nuff-Nuff: Oh, it is evening. It is cold. I need a house. I should make a house.


Niff-Niff: OK! I can go and make a house too. (Уходит.)

Scene   II

Niff-Niff (Выходит и поёт):

I have got a new grass house,

new grass house,

new grass house.

Nuff-Nuff (танцует и поёт):

I have got a new straw house,

new straw house,

new straw house.

Niff-Niff: Hello, Nuff-Nuff! I've got a new grass house. And you?

Nuff-Nuff: I've got a new straw house. And is your house near here?

Niff-Niff: Yes, it is. You should go past the hill, turn right and there is my house on your left. And how can I get to your house?

Nuff-Nuff: You must go stright ahead, turn left and there is my house next to the pond.

Naff-Naff: Hello! Nice to meet you.

Niff-Niff: Have you got your new brick house ready?

Naff-Naff: I am afraid, I haven't yet.

Nuff-Nuff: And where is your house?

Naff-Naff: You should go across the road; my house is over there. Goodbye!

Niff-Niff: Goodbye!

Nuff-Nuff: Goodbye!

Niff-Niff, Nuff-Nuff (together):

Big Grey Wolf won't scare us, scare us, scare us. (Танцуютипоют.)

Scene III

Big Grey Wolf: I'd like to have a nice little pig for breakfast. I'm hungry.

Niff-Niff: Here is Big Grey Wolf!

Nuff-Nuff: Oh, Big Grey Wolf! We must run to our houses!

(ДОМИК – ЭТО ДВА ЛИСТА ВАТМАНА, СКРЕПЛЁННЫЕ СВЕРХУ ПРИЩЕПКАМИ. Поросята убегают, волк бежит за ними. Сначала он подбегает к домику Ниф-Нифа.)

Big Grey Wolf: I must eat you up. (ВОЛК ДУЕТ, И ДОМИК ПАДАЕТ. НИФ-НИФ БЕЖИТ К ДОМИКУ НАФ-НАФА.) I must eat you up, silly-little pigs! (Подбегает ко второму домику, дует на него, домик падает.)

Nuff-Nuff: We must run to our brother! His house is good. Where is it?

Niff-Niff: We must run across the road, his house is over there.

(Поросята бегут, волк за ними.)

Scene  IV

 (Домик Нэф-Нэфа. В нём стол, три стула, на столе посуда.)

Niff-Niff: Big Grey Wolf is behind us!

Nuff-Nuff: May we come in?

Naff-Naff: Yes, you may! Come in!

(Поросята вбегают в домик. Подбегает волк. Слышен стук в дверь. Два поросёнка прячутся под столом от страха.)

Big Grey Wolf: It's me, the Wolf. I'd like to have little pigs for breakfast! You must open the door!

Naff-Naff: Oh, no, I needn't. Go away. You are a Big Bad Wolf.

(Волк дует, но домик не падает. Он убегает. Поросята вылезают из-под стола.)

Naff-Naff: Let's have tea. I've got toasts, some jam and butter.

Niff-Niff: Could you pass me some jam, please?

Naff-Naff: Certainly.

Nuff-Nuff: May I have another cup of tea?

Naff-Naff: Here you are.

Nuff-Nuff: Thank you.

(После завтрака поросята берутся за руки, танцуют и поют.)

Three Pigs (together):

Big Grey Wolf won't scare us, scare us, scare us.

Big Grey Wolf won't scare us.

Awful Big Grey Wolf!

М. В. Булганина, МБОУ "ООШ", с. Знаменка Старооскольского района, Белгородская область