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Тексты для чтения. Английский язык

A.  Расположите пропущенные предложения в таком порядке, чтобы получился связный текст.

1_______. Based on capacity, speed and reliability they can be divided into three categories of computers:

1. The mainframe computers are computers used by large organizations like meteorological surveys and statistical institutes for performing bulk mathematical computations. 2_______.

2. The microcomputers are the most frequently used computers better known by the name of “personal computers”. 3_______.

3. The minicomputers like the mainframe computers are used by business organization. 4_______.

1.         The difference being that minicomputer can support the simultaneous working of up to 100 users and is usually maintained in business organizations for the maintenance of accounts and finances

2.         The mainframe computers are core computers which are used for desktop functions of over one hundred people simultaneously

3.         Microcomputer is the type of computer meant for public use

4.         Computers are categorized on the basis of physical structures and the purpose of their use

B.  Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами.

Buying and using a modem used to be relatively easy. Not too long ago, almost all modems transferred data at a 1_______ of 2400 Bps (bits per second). Today, modems not only run faster, they are also loaded with features like error control and data compression. So, in addition to converting and interpreting signals, 2_______ also act like traffic cops, monitoring and regulating the flow of 3_______. That way, one computer doesn’t send information until the receiving computer is ready for it. Each of these features, modulation, error control, and data compression, requires a separate kind of 4_______ and that’s what some of those terms you see like V.32, V.32bis, V.42bis and MNP5 refer to.

1.         rate

2.         information

3.         modems

4.         protocol

C.  Заполните пропуски в инструкции следующими словами и фразами:


1. 1_______ to either InterNIC (www.internic.com) or 2_______ such as www.register.com and 3_______ to make sure the domain you want to establish is available.

2. After confirming the availability of your domain name, complete the online registration form 4_______.

1.         perform a name search

2.         a name registration service

3.         Go onlin

4.         to secure your name

D. Дополнитедиалог:

Alice: What did you do at your lab class on Monday?

Dima: I observed 1_______ with superconductors. 2_______?

Alice: Well, I made a new programme for my computer.

Dima: Are you interested in computer systems?

Alice: Yes, I am.

Dima: Some years ago 3_______ interested me, too.

Alice: What are you interested in now?

Dima: 4_______, of course.

Alice: I see.

1.         a very interesting experiment

2.         And what about you

3.         In superconductors

4.         computer systems

E.  Расположите пропущенные предложения в таком порядке, чтобы получился связный текст.

A computer is an electronic machine that processes information – in other words, an information processor: it takes in raw information (or data) at one end, stores it until it’s ready to work on it, chews and crunches it for a bit, then spits out the results at the other end. 1_______. Taking in information is called input, storing information is better known as memory, chewing information is also known as processing, and spitting out results is called output.

Your keyboard and mouse, for example, are just input units – ways of getting information into your computer that it can process. 2_______. Your computer probably stores all your documents and files on a hard-drive: a huge magnetic memory. But smaller, computer-based devices like digital cameras and cellphones use other kinds of storage such as flash memory cards. As for output, your computer almost certainly has a screen and probably also stereo loudspeakers. 3_______. Your computer’s processor (sometimes known as the central processing unit) is a microchip buried deep inside. 4_______. That’s why your computer has a little fan blowing away – to stop its brain from overheating!

1.         It works amazingly hard and gets incredibly hot in the process

2.         If you use a microphone and voice recognition software, that’s another form of input

3.         You may have an inkjet printer on your desk too to make a more permanent form of output

4.         All these processes have a name

F.  Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами.

If your computer didn’t come with an internal modem, consider buying an 1_______ one, because it is much easier to install and 2_______. For example, when your 3_______ gets stuck (not an unusual occurrence), you need to turn it off and on to get it working properly. With an 4_______ modem, that means restarting your computer – a waste of time. With an external modem it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

            1. modem

2. operate

3. external

4. internal

G.  Дополнитедиалог:

Dima: Yesterday I read 1_______ on the history of computers by N. D. Miller. Did you read it?

Alice: No, I didn’t. What does it deal with?

Dima: It deals with powers of computers and 2_______.

Alice: I see.

Dima: You are interested 3_______, aren’t you?

Alice: Yes, I am.

Dima: Then, 4_______.

Alice: Certainly, with pleasure!

1.         a very interesting book

2.         their basic capabilities

3.         read this book

4.         read this book in computer systems

H.  Заполните пропуски в инструкции следующими словами и фразами:

The modem does not dial the number.

Your hardware may be connected improperly, or the incorrect COM port is specified. 1_______:

1. Make sure the correct cables are attached to the modem and phone jack, and between 2_______.

2. Make sure 3_______ is specified in the Communications dialog box. 4_______ from the Settings menu in Terminal to see how the Connector option is set.

1.         Use this checklist 

2.         the proper COM port

3.         the two computers

4.         Choose the Communications command

I.  Дополнитедиалог:

Alice: Where are you going, Paul?

Paul: 1_______.

Alice: Do you often work in the Internet centre?

Paul: Not very often. But I like to work 2_______.

Alice: As far as I’m concerned, a computer is almost a human machine!

Paul: Oh, I believe that 3_______. A computer usually replaces people in dull, routine tasks. It works according to 4_______, given to it.

Alice: In my opinion, it’s a fascinating machine.

Paul: Exactly.

1.         I’m going to the Internet centre

2.         the instructions

3.         it’s a human machine with “brains”

4.         on a computer

J.  Расположите пропущенные предложения в таком порядке, чтобы получился связный текст.

Today, most computer users buy, download, or share programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. 1_______. Most people see their computers as tools that help them do jobs, rather than complex electronic machines they have to pre-program – and that’s just as well, because most of us have better things to do than computer programming. 2_______. In other words, although we don’t really think of it this way, the computer can be reprogrammed as many times as you like. This is why programs are also called software.3_______. By contrast, a computer’s hardware – the bits and pieces from which it is made (and the peripherals, like the mouse and printer, you plug into it) – is pretty much fixed when you buy it. 4_______. That computers can do so many different jobs is what makes them so useful – and that’s why millions of us can no longer live without them!

1.         The beauty of a computer is that it can run a word-processing one minute – and then a photo-editing program five seconds later

2.         They’re “soft” in the sense that they are not fixed: they can be changed easily

3.         The hardware is what makes your computer powerful; the ability to run different software is what makes it flexible

4.         Hardly anyone writes programs any more

Н. В. Гуляева, ГБОУ РХ СПО "Хакасский политехнический колледж",  г. Абакан, Республика Хакасия

Times New Roman","serif";mso-ansi-language:EN-US'>3. There, are, kinds, two, of, positive, electricity, and, negative.

4. Like, repel, charges, unlike, attract, charges.

5. The, magnetic, will, poles, repel, if, are, both, poles, North, or, both, South, are, poles.

Н. В. Гуляева, ГБОУ РХ СПО "Хакасский политехнический колледж",  г. Абакан, Республика Хакасия