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Grammar Time: Prepositions


        What do these sentences have in common? Each of them lacks a preposition.  At, by, in or on? There are 5 Ats, 5 Bys , 5 Ons and 5 Ins in the preposition bank. Complete the sentences.

  1. Who are you looking …?
  2. There is a cat … the armchair.
  3. We usually travel … train.
  4. The moon appeared … midnight.
  5. How are going to travel?  … plane.
  6. As for me, staying … home is a pleasant thing.
  7. Traffic jams are usual … our street.
  8. There is nothing like travelling … bike.
  9. Who is the woman … the photo?
  10. What rivers … the river Volga do you know?
  11. When your bus arrives, you get …it. If you want to leave it, you get off it.
  12. Some my friends are not good … English.
  13. They did not arrive at the station … time.
  14. He did it … mistake.
  15. The room is often cleaned … my wife.
  16. The café … the corner of the street was owned by Mr Brown.
  17. … Sunday we have dinner together.
  18. It’s much expensive than going … taxi.
  19. The city is situated … the west coast of the country.
  20. It is a good habit doing exercises … the morning.

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